Window Detailing

Precise Window Detailing

What Window Detailing is not! Unfortunately there are many so-called window cleaners out there that will lead you to believe that cleaning the windows (externally only), including its frames and sills, is what is called “Window Detailing” - which is what we do as a dead standard window clean, using the water-fed pole system with 100% pure water, leaving the windows without:
  • a. Damage to the window seals with the conventional window cleaning method due to the use of harsh cleaning detergents with chemicals (that is harmful to the window seals) that is not being removed properly and thoroughly by rinsing with 100% pure water.
  • b. Damage to the window glass, frames and sills due to the incorrect use of traditional window cleaning equipment
  • c. Damage to the window glass, frames and sills due to the incorrect use of the waterfed pole system.
  • d. Droplet marks (as we use 100% pure water)
This now begs the question:

What is Window Detailing then?

This is a service we offer our customers that would like to have the ultimate window clean to bring their windows back to their original former glory, leaving it spotlessly clean and immaculate - as good as can be.

What exactly does Window Detailing entail?

It entails the cleaning of the windows inside and out, (internally and externally) including not only the frames and sills inside and out (internally and externally), but also the window casing, into which the window closes.

This is done by doing a thorough deep clean, paying attention to detail as well as doing UPVC restoration, if necessary.

Who is Window Detailing for?

This kind of service is for customers for whom quality is important and for those customers who want a deep clean that restores their windows, leaving it in an immaculate condition, looking like new with the lustre, shine and brightness restored - greatly improving not just the curb appeal, but more importantly, the value of their property.