UPVC Restoration

High Quality UPVC Restoration

Who is it for and what is an “UPVC Restoration”?

UPVC Restoration is for everybody with UPVC windows that want it to look it’s best, whether you own or rent a property.

Over time all of your UPVC window frames, sills, doors, cladding, gutters, fascias & soffits lose it’s curb appeal, looking increasingly dull, dirty, stained and unattractive - having lost their lustre and shine and bright fresh look.

This is the result of muck, dust and grime building up on them over time. That is why it is important to at least have your doors and windows (including frames & sills) regularly cleaned.

Even though most people have at least their windows regularly cleaned, from experience we have found the following:

  1. A large number of window cleaners do not clean the frames & sills as standard when cleaning the windows.
  2. Even more window cleaners do not clean the front and back doors as standard when cleaning the windows.
  3. Of those window cleaners that do include the window frames & sills and front and back doors in their regular window cleaning, most do not clean it properly - this is evident if you have a closer look at your window sills. You inevitably will see a dark and dull discoloured grey-looking strip on the outside edges of your window sills.

When we do our regular window cleans, we include the front & back doors (including it’s frame) as well as the window frames & sills as standard.

When we take over the window cleaning from other window cleaners, we find that either the frames and sills were not cleaned at all, or if they were, most of the time they did not do a proper clean, leaving the tell-tale sign of the two dull, dark and grey-looking strips on the outside edges of the window sill, which take a lot of time and effort to get it back to its original appearance, requiring a full UPVC Restoration, which is a service we offer to those customer who take pride in having their windows look simply the best they can be.

This will leave your windows and doors (including frames & sills) look like new, adding not only to the curb appeal, but also increasing the value of your property, looking its best.