Solar Panels

Bespoke Solar Panel Cleaning

Common Misconceptions:
  • Solar Panels do not “self clean” - especially in areas where panels are more prone to a build-up of dust, bird droppings and other forms of debris.
  • The rain will not clean your solar panels as it contains airborne dust particles that attach to the solar panels.
Why Clean Your Solar Panels?

Just like your home’s windows solar panels will attract dirt and grime. Solar panels work most efficiently when the maximum amount of light goes into their solar cells, so a build-up of dirt can adversely affect their performance.

How Often Must You Clean Your Solar Panels?

It is important to clean your solar panels at least once a year, as it will ensure they continue to generate the maximum amount of electricity possible and so maximise the saving on your electricity bill. Plus you will continue to earn the maximum possible from the Feed-In tariff.

What Must You Clean Your Solar Panels With?

Using detergents or tap water can leave a sticky residue or mineral deposits on the glass, which attracts dirt and grime. Only 100% pure water should be used

Why Use Us To Clean Your Solar Panels?
  • We only use 100% purified water to clean your solar panels
  • We are very experienced at cleaning solar panels
  • We always strive to excell in everything we do
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We are highly recommended