Bespoke Carpet Cleaning

Why Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned?

Here are the 3 main reasons:

1. Health

Carpets acts like a filter trapping dust, dust mites, human or animal dander, gases, soils and all kinds of other bio pollutants and volatile organic compounds - all things you cannot see with the naked eye, but is there nonetheless. All of these pollutants may have an adverse effect on your health, causing and/or aggravating a host of health issues. All of this must be removed to protect your health.

2. Asset Management

Carpets, on average, is a homeowner's third largest investment. Routine cleaning is recommended by the carpet manufacturers not only to maintain the appearance, but also mainly to promote a long life for the carpet. The number one enemy and destroyer of carpets is the soil trapped in your carpets. The average grain of sand has around 25 cutting edges on it, which destroys your carpet every time it is exposed to traffic. Carpets are designed to hide soiling therefore by the time you can see the soil on the surface of the carpet, it may already be too late to reverse some of the damage already done.

3. Appearance

This is normally the biggest reason why most people clean their carpets. While dirty carpets can certainly be embarrassing, it is not the only reason to have your carpets cleaned regularly.

What Is The Best - And Only Effective Way - To Clean Your Carpets?

The best way to clean your carpet is:

  • Deep Clean your carpet
  • Use the Hot Water Extraction method use 100% PURE water
  • Use the CORRECT Carpet Shampoos
  • Rinse your carpet thoroughly UNTIL all traces of chemical and moisture residue is removed
Why Use Us To Clean Your Carpets?
  • We use ALL of the BEST - and ONLY EFFECTIVE - methods to clean your carpets - AS DESCRIBED ABOVE
  • We have the wisdom of experience that we believe can offer you an unparalleled service in this field of work
  • We have the CORRECT equipment for efficiently cleaning your carpets.
  • We have the CORRECT carpet shampoos to clean your carpets with
  • We use the CORRECT water to clean your carpets with
  • We always strive to excel in everything we do
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  • 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed